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Parents of Kindergarten Children...Homeschoolers...Teachers...and Paraprofessionals...


Annie Ape Welcomes You ...

This site is dedicated to all who are in a collaborative effort to ensure that Kindergarten children are prepared to handle the demands of the First Grade curriculum.  If the basic expectations of the Grade One teacher are not in evidence, there's a great possibility of delay in learning to read.

Many parents want to help, but feel inadequate because they aren't trained in teaching.  Others see their roles in providing adequate nutrition, adequate rest, and adequate play.  They leave teaching reading to the experts. 

Annie Ape - The Magic Bullet To Literacy is a program of direct and deliberate activities and lessons to develop skills and abilities necessary for academic success.

Annie Ape answers the following questions:

  • What does the teacher expect and look for in students upon entry to first grade?
  • What does my child need to learn in the Kindergarten year in prepration for reading and arithmetic?
  • What are the predisposing factors that lead to success in reading and arithmetic?
  • What role does the parent play in establishing readiness for school?
  • What can parents do to strengthen readiness ... at home ... in support of the kindergarten program?

Annie Ape develops skills and abilities that contribute significantly to academic well-being in a series of carefully crafted and sequenced activities ... activities that parents could and would do ... if only they knew!

  • Rote knowledge of the alphabet
  • Letter-name association in random presentation
  • Sequential visual memory
  • Sequential auditory memory
  • Concept development
  • The ability to hold and process information ... to think
  • Speech and language development
  • The ability to focus on and complete tasks
  • Attention
  • Physical development
  • Strategies that lead to understanding math concepts and symbols.

This educational program enables parents to provide a supportive environment, in the home,  for their children's pre-reading skills.  It is based on the single, best predictor of academic success.  Success doesn't happen by chance, alone.  Success happens by direct and deliberate teaching.

All that's needed to implement the program is a Question Strategy Manual and the accompanying Picture Book, in color.  Should you want to apply your own color palette, you'll want to order the picture book in black and white.

To learn with delight is to remember ... never to forget!