A Comprehensive Program
Red Ant

Annie Ape - The Magic Bullet to Literacy is a powerful and comprehensive supportive program. Not only does it support the kindergarten curriculum, it establishes a climate for learning to read similar to the one in which the child learns to speak.

Annie Ape

Parents don''t present formal speaking lessons to their infants and toddlers. Yet ... each child learns to speak in imitation of the spoken language that surrounds her. In the same way ... and as much as possible ... Annie presents the skills needed to learn to read in as natural an environment as learning to speak ... so that learning to read takes place, effortlessly.

It is such an understandable and comprehensive process that some children appear to be able to read spontaneously toward the end of the program. Others go on to learn to read in the classroom, seemingly with little effort. Annie Ape prepares the child so that reading can take place, naturally, when the child feels the need.

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