About the Materials

The Basic package components are highly useful and flexible. There is no need to go out and purchase more and more expensive single-purpose materials.

Save yourself the frustration of wasting countless hours and dollars in a teachers' store that won't get you where you want to be.

Use a system that has a proven track record and is extremely affordable...no gimmicks...no games.

Picture Book with Letter Stories

Colorful and clear, there is a different picture for each letter of the alphabet. The letter story at the bottom of each picture is used to reinforce letter naming, to identify individual words, and to develop ordinal understanding.  Each letter story is a complete sentence.  A comprehension question can be asked for each element in the sentence.


The imagery is useful for the development of visual literacy and language expression, as well as concept development. Since there are numerous objects pictured on each page, counting and estimating become part of the program as well.

Coloring Book

The pictures are presented in black and white. Some prefer to apply their own color palette to the pictures as an end of letter activity.

Manual and Question Strategy

The Manual contains an overview of the 15 components to a comprehensive preparation for learning program. Each element is described for its utility in a compendium of activities leading to readiness for learning. The alphabet cards contained in the manual are presented in lower case letters only. To help in teaching printing, the arrows show how to form the letters.

Printing Practice Sheets

The four-line printing sheets show how letters are positioned on the lines when they appear in words. High letters, low letters, and middle letters can be seen clearly. A comprehensive series of questions, appropriate to each letter story and picture plate, necessary to develop the preparatory abilities, is included in the manual. Language Arts activities and activities to enhance physical development are also included.

Children who have difficulty learnig to read lack the foundation skills...the basic building blocks...to become excellent readers.

Annie Ape helps parents turn learning problems into successes with powerful learning strategies.

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