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I was introduced to Annie Ape - The Magic Bullet To Literacy in an evening workshop presented by Dr. Lamarre. The outstanding characteristic of the presentation is the number of factors to skill development that helps define basic preparation for learning. Interrelated, their development contributes to a well-rounded preparation for, and success, in school. The refinements and extensions suggested by him are easy to incorporate into current practice. The outcome enhances the ability development of Kindergarten students.

Each year of work with Annie convinces me that this is a meaningful program for parents to work with their children. It is an approach for parents and their children that is fresh, unthreatening, and easy to use.

What makes Annie Ape unusual is that it can be used with a constantly renewed and ever-fresh audience of young faces to whom the material is as new as it can be. Part of the remarkable accomplishment in Annie Ape is to have foreseen the power of this simple program and its utility for generations of children to come.

The essential themes of children are unchanging - parents have a responsibility to sit down and work with their children, one-on-one. Annie Ape - The Magic Bullet To Literacy makes this possible, now, for most parents.

D. Cope
Kindergarten Teacher

Red Ant

Annie Ape All the way!!! Our child has had the opportunity to learn with this educational tool and we couldn''t be happier. She was having problems memorizing the alphabet and sounding out words. The Annie Ape system gave her the tools she needed to read and more importantly, she enjoyed the experience.
Thank You!!!!

Russ and Lorena Kronstrom